by Robert Don

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Conor Boughton FIRST (sorry rob) Favorite track: Crooked Bow / Ocean Floor.
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Written, performed, produced, mixed, and mastered by Robert Don.

Much thanks to Justin Enoch of Since 1902 for his help with recording and production as well as his work on drums, pizzicato violins, keyboards, and general badassery.

Special thanks to Siri Carr for violins on Crooked Bow / Ocean Floor.
Additional thanks to Jerol Enoch for his excellent work on trombone on Backcountry Yeast Infection 2.

Vinyl ambience in Backcountry Yeast Infection 2 sampled from Disneyland's Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House (copyright Walt Disney Records, 1973).

Artwork by May Todd and Justin Enoch.


released May 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Robert Don St Louis, Missouri

Robert Don is a songwriter, composer, audio engineer, and irish pirate rockabilly enthusiast. For booking, mixing/engineering services, or any inquiries please contact below.

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Track Name: The General
I often wonder how I lost the war
The war between my heart and my second head
It's nice to feel that someone wants you though
But at the loss of my better friends?

Like a general
Sending off his troops
To never return
To never return
But that's what I am
A creature of guilt
Track Name: Crooked Bow / Ocean Floor
They say that time's a crooked bow
That's something I'd like to know
To understand completely
The way we understand the ocean floor

Keeps pulling me into its glow
Computer screen I've left before
With all attention focused
And all direction spilled unto the floor

'Cause every time I try to leave
I just come back again
Come back again

So there it is the secret's out
I've spent some lousy hours
Locked inside a closed room
With no chance or hope of ever getting out
It's like my armchair, if you will

'Cause every time I try to leave
I just come back instead
Come back again
Track Name: Appalachia Mountain Love Song
It's been
Such a long time
Since we sat on your porch swing
Last night
That's exactly what we did
We talked the whole night through
We talked the whole night through

Half a decade you said
It's been
Feels like five minutes
And after all this time has gone
Things still just feel the same
Two camp lovers in pain

What a way to tell you